January 6, 2021

Sports Betting As An Investment

Hi everyone and welcome to the Serious Sports Trader website.

It is our ambition here to make more people aware of the opportunities, Sports Trading presents as a serious and potentially very lucrative way to invest your money.

Sports Trading should not just be considered as a bit of fun – done properly, it can be a real alternative to other more traditional ways of investing your money like stock trading, bonds, pension funds, etc. And one of the good bits about it is that, unlike most traditional investment schemes, it does not depend on the general economy. It has no impact on our trading if the USA and China impose import taxes each way, if the oil prices rise or fall, etc.

Sports Trading is essentially an advanced form of Sports Betting – a discipline a lot of people consider to be simple gambling, which is obviously a negatively charged word in most people’s minds, certainly if it is being discussed in the context of investing. The facts are, however, that some actually make a living even on Sports Betting. Like with any other discipline, if you don’t treat it seriously, it will never be more than a simple hobby – and you can’t expect to make money on a hobby, most of them actually cost you money.

Some are trying to make money on Sports Betting but failing miserably – in certain cases it has fatal consequences as they are gambling addicts whose mindset, unfortunately, works against them. These persons need professional psychological help and should stay away from this field. Like any other discipline, not everybody is ready for it and psychology is one of the most important factors of both Sports Betting and Sports Trading.

The difference between Sports Betting and Sports Trading is in reality that in Sports Betting you are trying to predict the future (by predicting a result/outcome of a sports event), while on Sports Trading you are basically trading the market, using your knowledge about how the odds move based on certain events. In certain ways, Sports Trading is much closer to Day Trading (Forex, goods, stocks, etc.) than it is to betting – but this will be more evident to you as you read some articles that are and will be posted on this site.

Anyway, a warm welcome to this site. We hope you will find it worth your time.

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