January 15, 2021

Sports Betting As An Investment

Hi everyone and welcome to the Serious Sports Trader website.

This website is dedicated to finding ways to make money online – as you would have probably guessed already.

Whether you are experienced or the opposite, I believe you will find great value here.


A little bit about my background


Not many years ago, I knew only very little about the opportunities of making a significant passive income online.

As I was busy with my regular job, I never really considered the possibility of making a second income online, let alone a full-time income.

The only online “investments” I made, were on sports betting and it’s fair to say that I probably lost more than I won there – which is the case of around 95-98% of all bettors, it is being said. Anyway, I never really considered sports betting as something other than a way to make a football match more exciting.

I then discovered the Betfair Exchange and that’s when things started to change. You see, the Betfair Exchange is not your regular bookmaker.

As the name suggests, it is an exchange – you can “buy” and “sell” odds just like you buy and sell stocks, goods or currencies on the “normal” exchanges.

I now started to make money since I now no longer had to guess which team would win a match or which horse would win a race – no, I just had to “play the market”. Just like, say, the Forex traders do.

I then began to check other online opportunities and as it turns out – there is something for everyone out there!

You really don’t have to search much to find that making money online is a definite possibility.


Why I created this site


Whilst there are great opportunities to make money online, be it as a second income or replacing your full-time job, it is also important to underline that unfortunately a lot of what you see, is NOT what you get. The “online world” is full of scammers and conmen and while it sometimes is easy to spot a cheat, other times they appear legit and trustworthy, and yet, in the end, the only ones making money on their “brilliant training program” are them…

It is my intention to give genuine recommendations to you – I do not promote services I don’t actually WANT to promote.

Also – unlike most sites discussing online income opportunities, I do not separate between niches or income streams.

To me, sports betting, and definitely sports trading, is a perfectly legitimate way to make money. A lot of people disregard sports betting as to them it’s pure gambling – a word that has a very negative connotation. Yes, the way most people use it, IS gambling. There is no doubt about that. But then, most people don’t treat sports betting as a serious investment. It’s a hobby – something they do to add that bit extra excitement to a sports event. Just like I did originally. However, treated professionally, there is no reason why we shouldn’t consider it an investment opportunity.

So, to cut to the chase: On this site, you will find reviews, promotions, and endorsements as well as warnings against services that deal with affiliate marketing, YouTube channels, sports betting and sports trading services, business opportunities, forex traders, cryptocurrency traders, etc. Any market will do – as long as we are confident that the people behind the service are genuine and trustworthy and actually have a service that delivers what it claims to do.


All the best


Founder of Serious Sports Trader